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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully review the below terms and conditions prior to approving any orders.

  1. Print Specifications and Details:

a.  The customer is responsible for the final proof and layout approval prior to printing. BlackDog Ink will provide you  with a digital mock proof and formal quote for review and approval. It is essential that you take the time to carefully check all details of the order including;

  • Logo/Graphic placement is correct

  • Logo/Graphic dimensions are correct

  • Spelling and punctuation are correct

  • Pantone references (if supplied) are correct

  • Garment colour(s) are correct

  • Garment size(s), and styles are correct

With final approval you are verifying that the details and layout within the proof are accurate and you understand that the item(s) will be decorated as-seen on the proof, less any colour accuracy (described in our ‘Colour Disclaimer’).

Once approved, any changes may incur extra fees or cause delays in job completion. Approval of this final checklist ensures the correct items are printed.

Clients are encouraged to clarify any design scale, print placement, and artwork-related queries before approving the order.

Please be aware, additional costs to reprint any item after approval will be the customer’s responsibility.

b. BlackDog Ink may occasionally experience misprinted or damaged items during production. Clients will be notified of any errors before shipping and any such mistakes will be replaced or deducted from the invoice where appropriate. Clients will not be charged for BlackDog Ink's errors.

c. Sample Printing - due to the time taken to provide printed samples we do not offer physical samples for clients. We will provide you a free, realistic digital proof with your quotation for approval.

2. Colour Accuracy Disclaimer

Variations in Colour Reproduction:

a. At BlackDog Ink, we strive for accurate colour reproduction; however, minor variations may occur between digital representations and the actual printed product. These differences can be influenced by various factors such as monitor calibration, printer settings, substrate, and design or viewing software.

Colour Matching Requests:

a. To ensure precise colour matching for your design, clients are encouraged to provide the relevant Pantone reference number. This helps in replicating ink colours accurately.

b. Clients are welcome to bring in a physical colour example to our Print Shop for an exact colour match, ensuring optimal accuracy in colour reproduction.

Consideration for Fabric and Garment Colour:

a. It's essential to consider fabric materials and garment colour when printing on fabric blanks. The same colour hue might produce varied results when printed on different fabric compositions or light versus dark-coloured garments.

b. Printing on darker fabrics often requires a white under base to maintain colour vibrancy.


Acknowledgment and Understanding:

We are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance to achieve consistent and optimal print results, ensuring satisfaction with the final product.

a. By engaging our services, clients acknowledge the potential for minor colour variations and understand the influence of various factors on colour reproduction.

b. Clients are encouraged to collaborate and communicate with BlackDog Ink to achieve the best possible colour outcome for their print projects.


3. Visual Mock Image Proof Disclaimer

The visual mock image proof provided is a representation of the final product and serves as a reference for design and layout. While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, it is important to note the following:

a. Colour Variations: The colours displayed in the visual mock image proof may not precisely match the final printed product. Variations can occur due to differences in monitor calibration, screen settings, and the printing process.

b. Size and Placement: While we strive to accurately depict the size and placement of your design, minor discrepancies may arise during the production process.

c. Design Elements: The visual mock image proof is intended for design review and layout purposes. It may not capture every intricate detail or texture that can be present in the final product.

d. Client Approval: Your approval of the visual mock image proof indicates that you have reviewed the design, layout, and text placement. It does not guarantee an exact replication of colours or every fine detail in the final product.

e. Colour Matching: For precise colour matching, please provide the relevant Pantone reference numbers. We also welcome you to bring in a physical colour example to our Print Shop for an accurate colour match.

Please take these factors into consideration when reviewing the visual mock image proof. If you have specific concerns or requests, please communicate them with us, and we will work closely with you to achieve your desired outcome. Your understanding and collaboration are greatly appreciated.

4. Claims, Returns, and Cancellations:

a. Claims regarding errors or issues in the delivered order must be made in writing, within 48 hours of delivery by contacting

b. Any errors or issues will be assessed case-by-case. Exchanges will be offered for unworn, unwashed orders returned in their entirety. Returns will be settled through credit or refund on approved claims.

c. Orders cannot be cancelled once the invoice payment has been made.

d. In the event of any disputes or discrepancies, both parties agree to engage in good faith discussions to resolve the issues amicably and avoid legal action.


5. Garment Variations and Substitution:

Variations in Garments:

a. BlackDog Ink is not responsible for variations in garment size, colour, or construction, as these can differ depending on the brand and post-production care.

b. Special embellishments like puff, metallic inks, or other specialty treatments should be washed inside out to maintain print quality.

c. Colour matching and reproduction will align with common commercial tolerances. Certain colours, like charcoal, army and earthy tones, may have variances and be prone to fading with high exposure to sunlight due to the garment dye being unstable.

Substitution Rights:

a. BlackDog Ink reserves the right to substitute garments of a similar brand or colour if the customer's request is unavailable.

Manufacturer Defects Disclaimer:

a. BlackDog Ink will not liable for manufacturer defects such as colour inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabelled garments, or defects like holes or ripped seams. While every effort is made to inspect garments, BlackDog Ink cannot guarantee each garment due to it not being the manufacturer.


6. Client Supplied Garments

Surcharge and Requirements:

a. BYO garments may be subject to a surcharge.

b. Supplied garments must be new, unwashed, pre-sorted, and clearly labelled, and multiple print design garments need to be sorted and labelled.

c. Bagged/packaged and or unsorted orders are subject to a $100 sorting fee.

Garment Details and Misprint Policy:

a. A detailed list of supplied garments must be provided, including brand, style number, colours, and sizes via email and a copy included in the box when dropping off the garments.

b. BYO orders are subject to a +/- 3% misprint ratio. Customers should include an extra 3% in their order as a common practice. BlackDog Ink will not be responsible for the cost of replacement stock due to misprints or supply.

Responsibility and Risks:

a. Supplied garments are at the customer's risk.

b. BlackDog Ink will need to inspect garments prior to accepting the job.

c. BlackDog Ink will not be liable for any potential negative effects during the process and replacement/repairs to stock are the customer's responsibility. This applies but is not limited to specialty and/or specific material types such as Active Wear garments made from 100% Polyester or Poly blends.


7. Payment and Quote Terms

Order Payment:

a. BlackDog Ink operates on COD terms. Payment in full will be required in order for your goods to enter production. Payment can be made through various accepted methods including cash, bank deposit or credit card. Credit card payments may incur a surcharge.  

b. Quotes are valid for 15 days only from the quote date and is subject to final submitted artwork.

c. BlackDog Ink reserves the right to change pricing without notice. This is due to suppliers and price changes being out of our control.

d. The estimated turnaround time for orders commences from both the approval of artwork and receipt of payment. Delayed payment may result in a delay in job completion.

e. All goods remain the property of BlackDog Ink until full payment has been made.

f. Please note, failure to make payment within the terms stated may result in collection services being engaged.

Should we engage an external collection service, the following will be applicable.

1. Those charges may accrue late interest @ 25% of the outstanding, or the maximum rate permitted by the law, whichever is lower.

2. We may condition future provision of our services to you until such amount is paid in full.


8. Artwork Requirements:

File Formats and Resolution:

a. Art files must be 300 dpi or higher, scaled to the required print dimensions. Preferred file types include .PSD, .EPS, .PDF, & .AI.

b. Before sending Adobe Illustrator files, ensure all text is converted to outlines on a solid or negative background.

c. High-resolution .jpg, .png or .tiff files might be suitable, but additional charges may apply.

Preparation and Submission:

a. Flatten all layers and ensure text is outlined before sending files.

b. Art not in a print-ready format may incur charges at BlackDog Ink's current rate. Estimates will be provided before undertaking any preparatory work.

b. Art preparation work, if necessary, becomes the property of BlackDog Ink. For instance, if BlackDog Ink creates a separated art file for an order, the separated file remains the property of BlackDog Ink, although the original artwork remains the customer's property.


Custom Artwork Services:

BlackDog Ink offers custom art creation. Clients can submit a brief with specific requirements, fonts, colours, or logos for incorporation. Quotes for custom art are provided upon application.

9. Photography and Social Media:

a. All production conducted by BlackDog Ink is subject to photography and/or video documentation. This content may be used for advertising, promotional, and demonstration purposes. The media captured may be shared on various platforms including but not limited to our official website, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

b. BlackDog Ink endeavours, wherever possible, to include clients in social media posts featuring their projects, unless explicitly instructed otherwise by the client.

c. The content captured during production processes serves demonstrative purposes, showcasing our services, and may include works in progress, finalized projects, or behind-the-scenes documentation.

d. BlackDog Ink values client privacy and ensures that sensitive or confidential information is not shared through media documentation without express permission.

e. Clients may express in writing their preferences or specific instructions regarding the use of their content on social media or marketing materials. BlackDog Ink will respect and adhere to such instructions.

f. These terms and conditions are subject to updates or revisions. By engaging our services, clients acknowledge and agree to these terms related to photography and social media sharing.

10. Ownership of Artwork:

a. Artwork created by BlackDog Ink is the property of BlackDog Ink unless additional rights are purchased.

b. Any submitted artwork owned by the customer remains their property, and BlackDog Ink will not reproduce it without proper consent.

c. BlackDog Ink will not replicate, reproduce, or print any artwork that infringes on copyright or intellectual property without verifiable proof of ownership or legal permission.

Copyrighted Artwork Reproduction Policy:

a. BlackDog Ink respects and upholds copyright laws and regulations.

b. Any artwork submitted to BlackDog Ink for printing must not infringe on third-party copyright or intellectual property rights.

c. BlackDog Ink will not reproduce any artwork that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights without explicit written consent from the rightful owner or copyright holder.

d. The client is responsible for any legal consequences arising from the unauthorized use of copyrighted artwork for printing.

It's advisable for clients to provide artwork that they own or have the legal right to use to avoid any legal complications or disputes.

11. General Terms

a. Customers are required to obtain written consent before reproducing any images or information from the BlackDog Ink website.

b. BlackDog Ink reserves the right to refuse service, change pricing, and terms without prior notice.

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